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Grants and Contracts

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We provide a comprehensive approach to increase grant funding opportunities and enhance service delivery to the city of St. Petersburg grant and contract administrators, and ultimately the citizens of St. Petersburg.

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Grants Administration Manual  - This manual will tell you everything you need to know about submitting grant requests within the city of St. Petersburg.


Grants awarded to the city of St. Petersburg are financial assistance from external entities that support of public projects, and are dispensed to the city directly or passed through another entity such as the state or other governmental and non-state entities. 

Accounting properly for grant expenditures and providing program documentation and evaluation is critical to the renewal of city grant awards and our continued success in obtaining external funding.

City departments should contact the Grants Officer in the Budget and Management Department for assistance when considering a grant, to discuss the scope of the grant, the potential impact on operations, financial considerations, and the procedures utilized by the grantor agency, and complete a Grant Application Review form. The applicant department is responsible for preparing the actual grant application.

City of St. Petersburg Grants Working Group
  • All proposals and other requests to outside agencies for funding must be routed through the  Grants Working Group for approval prior to submittal to a granting agency.


Contracts are recorded in Oracle, and are approved through an electronic process, which is determined by the selected document type for the respective contract record. 

Contract records must be created for all contracts that meet the following criteria:

  • Purchase of services not covered under a current Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • Any service or project requiring a bond
  • Contracts requiring the management of data items such as insurance requirements, expiration dates, milestones, and reports
  • All professional/consulting services, e.g.: architectural, engineering, construction management, insurance, legal, medical, and financial services
  • Real-estate agreements, including buy/sell transactions, easements, leases, and licenses
  • All other contracts/agreements required by CSP management to be managed in Oracle Project Contracts
 Key Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Contracts requiring City Council approval must have an "internally approved" contract record in Oracle Project Contracts prior to the council's approval.
  • All contract records shall be established in Oracle Project Contracts prior to the execution of the contract.

Letters of Support

If you would like to request a letter of support for your grant from the City of St. Petersburg, please submit a completed Grant Letter of Support Form with all required supporting documentation to:

Shrimatee Ojah-Maharaj, Grants Officer
Post Office Box 2842
St. Petersburg, FL 33731

Or via email to 

NOTE:  Requests MUST BE submitted at least two weeks prior to your application deadline.

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