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Stormwater Education


Hey, It’s Our Water, Too

A fun, educational video from high schoolers’ perspectives that looks into the many activities they do on the water and why it is important to keep the water clean. The high school narrators explore practices and behaviors we do that can help keep the water clean for fun and recreational use.

On the Lookout for Illegal Discharges
Whether you work for the city, county or private organizations or if you live within the city or county, keeping an eye out for discharges into our streams, lakes, canals or bays of chemicals, trash or other illegal discharges helps to keep our waterways healthy. Knowing what to look for and who to report a discharge to is covered in this video.

Preserving Our Waterways
An educational video that looks at practices we do in our everyday lives that affect water quality of our streams, lakes, canals and bays.  It explores how with simple changes to our practices, we can have a positive impact on water quality.


Best Management Practices for Landscaping Companies
Did you know that storm drains are NOT connected to sanitary sewer systems or treatment plants? In Pinellas County, storm drains flow directly into our creeks, lakes, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico without treatment.

Good Neighbor Guide to Power Leaf Blowers
Leaf blowing may offer some conveniences for doing yard work, but it comes with responsibilities in being a considerate, law-abiding neighbor.

Good Neighbor Guide to Pool Maintenance
Swimming pools are a vital part of enjoying the Florida heat. Maintain your pool responsibly to help sustain healthy waterbodies in the Sunshine City.

Guide for Homeowners Preventing Runoff Pollution
Learn what you can do to help keep our waters clean. From pool maintenance and landscaping to vehicle washing and household hazardous waste.

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