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Statutes, Codes & Policy

To view the St. Petersburg Codes, go to the Municode web site.  Municode is a third party service and is responsible for the content of their web site.  Any issues viewing the site should be reported directly to Municode technical support at

Municode - St. Petersburg Codes and Ordinances Website 

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About City or Municipal Codes

In order to maintain the quality and extend the life of the existing housing stock, to stabilize neighborhoods, and to protect the public, the City of St. Petersburg administers a code compliance process. This process is governed by the provisions of the Florida Statutes Chapter 162, by City Code Chapter 9, and also by related legal principles including case law, due process and private property rights.

The City employees who administer the process are also guided by detailed department policies and procedures. Our primary goals are to educate property owners regarding the community maintenance standards, and, when necessary, enforce those standards. The standards are set by various City codes and include zoning rules and housing/vegetation maintenance standards.

Florida Statutes ( )

Florida Statute Chapter 162 gives local governments the authority to create a Code Enforcement Board and/or Special Magistrate.

Section 162.06 (2) specifically requires that the department "notify the violator and give him or her a reasonable time to correct the violation." 

The link to review the statutes in detail is Florida Statues.  The Florida Senate website is responsible for its content.  Any issues viewing the site should be reported directly to the webmaster for the Florida Senate website

What is covered by Codes

The City codes that govern the minimum property maintenance standards on private property and right-of-ways include Chapters 8 and 16.  Zoning rules are governed by Chapter 29 and also Chapter 16.  Because every property and circumstance is different and some codes require clarification, the department also works with the City's Building and Zoning Officials to obtain interpretations of various building and zoning codes.

Chapter 9 of the City code authorizes the Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrate to hear code violation cases and impose compliance times and penalty liens for failure to comply with City codes. 

Codes Compliance Assistance Department Policy & Procedures

All department policies and procedures have been written to promote proper, efficient and effective implementation and administration of state and local laws and ordinances.  These policies and procedures are subordinate to the state and local law.  In the case of any inadvertent conflicts, the state and local laws prevail.

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