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Disabled Parking Violations

Reporting Disabled Parking Violations

Within the City of St. Petersburg, to report a vehicle that is parked in an accessible spot without the proper disabled parking placard/license plate displayed, you may call the non-emergency phone number to the St. Petersburg Police Department at 893-7780.   Once reported, a Police Officer or a Road Patrol Volunteer/Parking Enforcement Specialist will be sent to investigate.

Volunteer Road Patrol/Parking Enforcement Specialist Unit

The City of St. Petersburg has specially trained volunteers to perform duties as Parking Enforcement Specialists through the Volunteer Road Patrol Program. Duties include citing Disabled Parking Violations. 

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the St. Petersburg Volunteer Road Patrol and Parking Enforcement Specialist Unit, call the Volunteer Road Patrol Office 893-7141 or visit the Road Patrol Volunteer page.

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