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Social Services

Social Service Planning Goals

  1. The City will strengthen its leadership in homeless planning and social service coordination.
  2. The City will identify and prioritize human service needs and will then advocate addressing those needs.
  3. The City will have a stable, seamless, quality system of care that meets the needs of its most vulnerable citizens.
  4. The City will strengthen communication and involvement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, specifically with the location at Bay Pines VA Healthcare System, as it relates to homelessness.
  5. The City will have strong internal systems and controls to monitor its own activities in the area of human service coordination and support.

Administration Responsibilities

For Homeless Initiatives, the City has a position, strategic plan and ordinances that address conflicting concerns of downtown businesses, faith-based groups, providers, advocates and general citizenry relative to homeless issues. The City designates a "point person" to communicate with these various groups and serve as the public relations department for all issues concerning homelessness:
  1. Coordinate with the St. Pete Street Outreach Team and Police Dept. Downtown Deployment Team to address homeless issues.
  2. Works with St. Vincent De Paul Center with three City initiatives: Vincentian Care Center, PODS homeless person storage units and family shelter program.
  3. Assist Pinellas Hope operational activities and oversees City funding.
  4. Assists Pinellas Safe Harbor with operational activities and oversees City funding.
  5. Represent the City on a variety of committees, boards and ad hoc groups throughout the City and County that address the numerous homeless issues and efforts to solve problems throughout the Community.
  6. Interface with the community (citizens, businesses, advocates, agencies, other governmental entities, etc.) regarding homelessness and other issues by answering questions, listening to comments and speaking engagements.
  7. Coordinate with the Housing Department regarding CDBG and ESG funding for homeless initiatives that they fund and/or support.
  8. Coordinate in partnership with Pinellas County for a Rapid Rehousing Program for vulnerable homeless families and individuals. 
  9. Assist other City departments with issues around homelessness.

Other Social Services involvement

  1. Recover Pinellas – board member of this policy group which has developed an Emergency Response Plan for Social Service agencies which will ensure the care of those most vulnerable in our community in the time of a disaster.
  2. Pinellas County Administrative Forum Board – board member representing City as an active funder of many social service agencies.  This board makes decisions regarding the direction of the community of social service providers.
  3. Faith based – work with local faith based entities, churches to educate them on how to assist others.
  4. Member of the Tampa Bay Cares HMIS Committee – central data system and referral/information center for social services community throughout the County.

Social Action Funding Grant Program (more than $500,000)

  1. Oversee contracts awarded to not for profit agencies by a competitive bid process.
  2. Oversee fiscal reimbursement and program reporting for each agency throughout the year.
  3. Coordinate and support the Social Services Allocation Committee and their functions.
  4. Work with City-funded as well as other funded agencies throughout the community to plan the optimal approach to social service issues.

Other duties as assigned

  1. Interface with City Council Members as needed through committee settings, one-on-one, and assist with constituent needs as necessary.
  2. Assist implementing any initiative as determined by the Mayor's Office.
  3. Apprise both the Council Members and Mayor's Office of issues facing the community regarding social services.

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