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Take Stock in Children Scholarships

"I just got my Take Stock in Children Scholarship and I'm really happy
about it because now I can go to college!"
Stephanie, Take Stock in Children Scholar

St. Pete's Promise Take Stock in Children Scholarships

What are Take Stock in Children Scholarships?
Take Stock in Children Scholarships are awarded to eligible sixth graders living in St. Petersburg. To be eligible a student must:

  • Receive free or reduced lunch
  • Attend a St. Petersburg public school
  • Maintain at least a "C" or better in all classes
  • Attend school regularly
  • Complete homework and study for tests
  • Remain crime and drug free
  • Have a mentor

The Take Stock in Children Program has generated millions of dollars for scholarships and currently has more than 3,000 students in their program in Pinellas County alone. The program, using exclusively private donations, funds more than 100 scholarships in Pinellas County each year.

A mentor, friend or parent can nominate a student online by visiting the Take Stock in Children page on the Pinellas Education Foundation (PEF) website.

Contribute to Take Stock in Children Scholarships
Through the Take Stock in Children Program, a Florida Prepaid Tuition Scholarship awards students the opportunity to receive up to 120 college credit hours (a typical BA degree). A dual application process provides students with an initial 2 year Florida Prepaid scholarship. Upon completion of 60 hours (2 years) 40%* of the students have the opportunity to obtain an additional 60 hours (2 years). Those student must have either their AA degree, or have been accepted into a bachelor degree program to be eligible to receive an additional 60 hours (2 years).

*After conducting an analysis of college students who have been in the program it has been determined that 60% of students completed 2 years of college while 40% of students moved on to pursue a bachelor's degree.

 Needed Funds  $ 6,000 per student

Program Description
The Corporate Partners program began with nine corporations matched with nine middle schools and was announced in February 2003. The corporations provided mentors as well as many different types of resources to the schools. Schools provided art, entertainment and recognition to the corporate partner. The program is a huge success!

Today, we have more than 100 corporate partners with every St. Petersburg area school having one or more. We are proud of the contributions our corporate partners have made in our schools and the difference they make each day! 

Corporate Partners support their partner schools in a variety of ways. The main areas corporate partners assist schools are:

Volunteering: This includes mentors, tutors, and other extra hands the partner provides the school.

Resources: This includes financial support, equipment donations, gift certificate donations, and fundraising on behalf of the school.

Strategic Planning: This area includes long-range ways the partner aids the school, such as creating internship programs for their students and providing leadership support for the school's administrators.    

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