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Building Guides & Checklists

Building in St. Petersburg

Development seems to be booming in St. Petersburg.  As our City continues to grow, the Construction Services and Permitting Division works to facilitate the development process. We partner with our citizens and customers to ensure their projects meet minimum code standards.

Plan Review

If you're planning a construction project in St. Petersburg, reference the following checklists for how to begin your plan and what you need in order to have the project reviewed and approved. 

Residential Plan Review  Checklist

Commercial Plan Review Checklist

Electronic Plan Review How To Guides

Once your plans are ready to be submitted, please complete a building permit application form and other applicable forms with your plans.

Track your plan review status online

  1. “Select permit” on the left navigation menu and enter application #
  2. “Plan tracking status” and review individual trade review status

Preliminary Plan Review:

Preliminary Plan Review is an optional service for design professionals to discuss a project before plans are submitted for review offered at a nominal fee.  Please contact Lisa Butler at 727-893-4120 or email for more information.


Schedule an inspection online

  1. “Schedule/Cancel Insp.” on the left navigation menu and enter permit #
  2. Locate the trade that requires inspection, click "Schedule"

    Printable instructions for scheduling inspections

*Having trouble scheduling an inspection?  Confirm PCCLB contractor license status is up-to-date.  Call us at 727-893-7231 to update license status.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) / Certificate of Completion (CC)

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is needed for New Construction, change in Single Family Residential, Change of Use, Tenant Build Out where no CO was issued, remodeling condemned buildings, fire damage where occupants were vacated during re-construction, or combining units.  Apply for Certificate of Occupancy once all final inspections have been approved.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) is offered when a new construction project has a delay in the CO schedule that is not part of a life safety trade. Apply for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy when the minimum standard of a Partially Approved Final or approved status on a Partial Final inspection has been met on all major trades.

Certificate of Completion (CC) is for any other construction project  that does not require a CO and has been completed.  A CC is only required for a shell of a building, otherwise, it is optional.  Apply for Certificate of Completion once all final inspections have been approved.

Research Certificates of Occupancy history for free in our property cards system


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