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Impact Fees

Multimodal Impact Fees, Water Closet Fees and Traffic Impact Review

The City of St. Petersburg collects multimodal impact fees (MIFs) for land development projects under the Pinellas County Countywide MIF Ordinance (see Internet links below to view MIF Ordinance) to fund the transportation system improvements needed to support the new trips generated by these projects.  A Plans Examiner in the Construction Services and Permitting Division of the Planning and Economic Development Department calculates the MIF after a permit application is submitted.  Property owners are typically required to pay MIFs before they receive their Certificate of Occupancy for new construction and before they receive their permit for a modification to an existing building.  

MIF rates are based on the land use type and size (number of dwelling units, square footage, etc.).  If your project is a redevelopment or change of use, a credit is given for the highest previous use on the property since June 30, 1986.  Schedule A of the MIF Ordinance contains the impact fee rates for projects in the suburban areas of the City.  Schedule B of the MIF Ordinance contains the impact fee rates for downtown St. Petersburg and adjacent areas (see link to downtown map below).  If the credit from a previous use exceeds the fee for the new use, an impact fee is not due.  A remaining credit can be applied towards future developments on the site and is not paid to the property owner.  Credits run with the land and are not transferable to other sites. 

The City only collects impact fees to fund transportation improvements.  The City does not collect impact fees to fund other public facilities (parks, schools, etc.).

The fee for new water closets are:

New residential units. Single-family, apartment, condominium, mobile home, hotel or motel, $350.00 per water closet.

New and renovated commercial structures
. Commercial structures, $350.00 per water closet, excluding restaurants, theaters, carwashes, laundries and other commercial enterprises making more than a normal demand on the sewer system, all of which shall be treated under the industrial category.

New and renovated industrial structures
. Shall be determined based on the number of gallons to be used and the demand on system.

Credits are given for previous water closets.

Check on the status of the impact fee calculation If you have an existing permit, select the link below to the online Building Permits System.  Click “Select Permit” and then enter your permit application number.  Click “Planning Tracking Status” and then “TIF/Multimodal Review.”  If it has been calculated, you will see your multimodal impact fee under “Plan Review Approved.”  
Pay for the impact fees  by selecting the link below to the online Building Permits System.  Click “Select Permit” and then enter your permit application number. Select "Application Fees" from the left menu and follow the prompts for payment. 


Please contact the following staff members if you have questions:

    • Multimodal impact fee estimates for new projects – Contact Tom Whalen at or Kyle Simpson at in the Transportation and Parking Management Department.  Please provide the address as well as the types and sizes of proposed and previous land uses.
    • Calculated impact fee amounts for projects in the permitting stage – plans examiners in the Construction Services and Permitting Division.  The main number is 727-893-7231.
    • Water closet fees - Contact Karen Freggens in the Construction Services and Permitting Division at  
    • Water meter information - Contact Kelly Donnelly in the Water Resources Department at
    • Paying your impact fee - Pay in person at the Permitting Office, 727-893-7231, or online (see directions listed above.

Please note that the City does not have transportation concurrency requirements.  A transportation management plan, and possibly a traffic study, may be required if your project will generate more than 50 new PM peak hour trips and is located on one of the following congested road segments:  1) Gandy Boulevard from San Martin Boulevard to 4th Street, 2) 38th Avenue North from 34th Street to 49th Street, 3) 22nd Avenue North from I-275 to 34th Street, and 4) 54th Avenue South from 31st Street to 34th Street.  Please call Tom Whalen or Kyle Simpson (see phone numbers listed above) if you have questions about traffic impact review. 


Multimodal Impact Fee Ordinance ( PDF Version)

Multimodal Impact Fee Ordinance (Link to Chapter 150, Impact Fees, of the Pinellas County Land Development Code on Municode website)

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