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Citizen & Student Involvement

Summer at City Hall

Rising high school juniors and seniors have the unique opportunity to meet with City leaders weekly to further their understanding of local government and municipal policy. Through specialized workshops and meetings facilitated by selected departments, students will become familiar with the day to day tasks and the planning that happens behind the scenes to bring ideas to fruition.

General program components include:

  • Researching issues and legislation affecting St. Petersburg.
  • Propose creative solutions to solve issues in the city, as selected by students.
  • Attending City Council meetings, committee meetings, and selected department presentations.
  • Developing administrative skills.
  • Touring the evidence locker rooms at the new St. Petersburg Police Headquarters.
  • Touring a chemistry lab and learning plant operations as used by the Water Resources Department.
  • Participating in a TASCO event hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Learning about exciting development opportunities and projects coming to the city.


  • Introduce students to local government structure and work in the public sphere.
  • Foster interest in leadership and civic matters
  • Create a high school to career pipeline to ensure a more diverse and prepared public sector workforce.
  • Create an opportunity for our youth to address city issues
  • Strengthen intergenerational relationships and improve adult knowledge of youth.
  • Develop skills and abilities in a new cohort of civic leaders and professionals.
  • Identify ways students can impact their communities.
  • Become aware of the voting process and registration rules.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Good academic standing or a recommendation from school staff.
  • Interest in working in public administration and basic knowledge of local government.
  • A strong ability to follow direction and work independently.
  • Availability to attend all scheduled sessions.

Check this site for updates on the 2020 program. For more information, contact the Office of City Council at 727-551-3305.

Citizen and Student Awards

Members of St. Petersburg City Council are provided the opportunity to award citizens with special awards -- Citizen of the Month, and Student Citizen of the Month.

Award recipients are selected and presented by individual City Council Members for a particular Council District. Those receiving awards either live, work or go to school in the particular district. To determine boundaries for a particular district, please look at the Council District map.

Nomination forms may be downloaded here and faxed to (727) 892-5360. Also, you may nominate online. Questions about the Citizen of the Month and Student Citizen of the Month awards should be addressed to the Office of City Council, (727) 893-7117.


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