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Date Document
2021-02-17 Registered Opponent Form to Appeal to City Council from a DRC or CPPC Decision PDF
2021-02-17 Registered Opponent Form for City Council that Does Not Include an Appeal PDF
2021-02-17 Registered Opponent Form – CPPC PDF
2020-12-17 Redevelopment ApplicationDevelopment Review Commission (DRC) PDF
2020-12-17 Variance ApplicationDevelopment Review Commission (DRC) PDF
2020-12-17 Subdivision Decision ApplicationLotline, Vacation & Refacing Application PDF
2020-12-17 Sign Variance Application PDF
2020-12-17 Workforce Housing Application PDF
2020-12-17 Design Variance Request PDF
2020-12-17 Reinstatement ApplicationDevelopment Review Commission (DRC) PDF
2020-12-17 Special Exception Site Plan Review ApplicationForm PDF
2020-12-17 Reduced Setback Request (NSM Zoning District) PDF
2020-09-28 Temporary Use Permit Application
2020-06-19 Appeal Form – DRC and CPPC PDF
2020-03-30 Plat Preliminary Application PDF
2020-01-29 Pre-Application Meeting Notes
2019-07-29 Affidavit to Authorize Agent PDF
2019-07-23 Alcohol Beverage Affidavit-Food Salesalcoholic beverage license PDF
2019-07-23 Alcohol Beverage Affidavit-Incidental Salesalcoholic beverage license PDF
2019-07-23 Buildable Lot Application PDF
2019-07-23 Final Plat Application PDF
2019-07-23 Sidewalk Cafe' Applicationdinning dine walk PDF
2019-07-23 Tree Removal Application PDF
2019-07-23 Zoning Letter Request PDF
2019-07-23 Dog Dining Regulations PDF
2019-07-23 Pushcart Vending Application PDF
2019-07-23 Vacation of Public ROW Guidelines PDF
2019-07-23 Community Garden Applicationhorticultural plants development LDR
2019-07-23 Sidewalk Retail Display Permit Application PDF
2019-07-23 Reduced Setback or Increased FAR Request (NT & NS Zoning Districts) PDF
2019-07-23 Registered Opponent Form – DRC PDF
2018-04-13 Residential Zoning Compliance Calculator XLSX
2018-01-09 Platting Guidelines PDF
2017-12-28 Alcoholic Beverage Instructionshow to instructions PDF
2017-12-21 Mobile Food Truck Application PDF
2017-12-01 Vacation of Public Easement Guidelines
2017-08-30 Dog Dining Applicationdoggie pet sidewalk cafe PDF
2017-08-30 Sheds and Carports Handout PDF
2016-11-21 Alcohol Beverage License Application PDF
2016-11-14 Alcohol Beverage (Non-Profit Extension) License ApplicationTax exemption 501c3 PDF
2016-09-30 Property Card Interpretation Application PDF
2015-09-28 Tree Statement of No Impact PDF
2015-06-25 Rebuild Letter Frombuilding structure Application PDF
2015-02-23 Ancillary Equipment, Setback Approval Form PDF
2015-02-23 DRC Quasi-Judicial InformationDevelopment Review Commission Special Exceptions Site Plans Variances public hearing PDF
2015-02-23 Driveway Permit Application PDF

Certificate of Appropriateness

CRA Application for Development

Historic Properties Tax Exemption Application (Pre-Construction)

Historic Properties Tax Exemption Application (Post-Construction)

Local Landmark Designation Application

Land Use Plan Amendment/Rezoning Application

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