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Brownfield sites are sites where actual or perceived environmental contamination complicates the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of the property. Florida’s Brownfields Program assists businesses with cleaning up and redeveloping an existing brownfield site with financial incentives, regulatory benefits, technical assistance, and liability protection:

Brownfield site advantages

  • $2,500 Job Bonus Refund for each new job created in a brownfield area by an eligible business
  • Highly attractive business locations with existing infrastructure
  • Voluntary cleanup tax credits
  • Cleanup liability protection
  • Low-interest loans for assessment and cleanup
  • Increased State Loan Guarantee can improve lending opportunities
  • Expedited Permitting for Brownfield projects

For more information on Florida’s Brownfields program, visit the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Brownfields website or the Florida Brownfields Association (FBA) website.

  • View the Incentives Map to see the City Designated Brownfield areas.

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