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Skyway Marina District

In April 2013, over 240 residents and business owners came together to develop a future vision for the Skyway Marina District located along 34th Street South, between 30th and 54th Avenues. 

The City of St. Petersburg, together with the Steering Committee, worked on a planning process that covered eight months and many topics.  Participants were presented with information on Transportation, Land Use, Design and Site Development, Economic Development and other topics.  Through this process, a new identity and plan was forged.  The Skyway Marina District was adopted as the name of this area and a logo was unveiled in October 2013.

The Skyway Marina District Plan represents a collective vision for a south St. Petersburg mixed use center.  The community has long desired a destination district in the far southern Pinellas County area as their first option for shopping, dining and employment.  A successful district would expand the market from local to regional, improving the business mix and increasing employment opportunities. 

The following objectives are core to the success of the Skyway Marina District Plan and are the basis for these strategies: 

  • Create a place with a recognizable identity
  • Increase the population and buying power
  • Increase employment
  • Create a multimodal environment
  • Promote sustainability

Strategies have been defined to accomplish the vision, including Transportation, Streetscape, Land Use & Site Design, Economic Development, Marketing & Promotions and Implementation.

The Skyway Marina District Association’s office is located at 4601 34th Street South. Skyway Marina District executive director, Misty Bottorff, can be reach at 727-866-2696 or or by visiting  

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