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Local Campaign Finance Forms

Category Form Number Form Name Revision Date
Enforcement SP-CO-600 Complaint Form 04-03-2019
Foreign Influence SP-CO-400 Statement of Certification Regarding Foreign Influence 03-25-2019
Independent Spender Notice SP-CO-500 Notice of Independent Spender Status 03-25-2019
Independent Spender Notice SP-CO-501 Information in Lieu of Statement of Organization 03-25-2019
Independent Spending Report SP-CO-512 Independent Spending Report Summary 03-25-2019
Independent Spending Report SP-CO-513A Supplemental Information – All Itemized Contributions 03-25-2019
Independent Spending Report SP-CO-513E Supplemental Information – Entity Contributors 03-25-2019
Independent Spending Report SP-CO-513G Supplemental Information – Significant Contributor 03-25-2019
Independent Spending Report SP-CO-514 Supplemental Information – Bifurcated Itemized Expenditures 03-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-12 (DS-DE 12) Campaign Treasurer's Report Summary 01-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-13 (DS-DE 13) Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Contributions 01-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-13A (DS-DE 13A) Campaign Treasurer's Report – Fund Transfers 01-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-14 (DS-DE 14) Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Expenditures 01-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-14A (DS-DE 14A) Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Distributions 01-25-2019
Statutory Report (Annotated) SP-CO-14B (DS-DE 14B) Campaign Treasurer's Report – Expenditures and Distributions 01-25-2019

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