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Local Campaign Finance Regulation Handbook

Local campaign finance regulation is intended to be carried out in conjunction with the applicable statutory campaign finance regulation, a thorough understanding of statutory campaign finance regulation imposed by the Florida Election Code is a prerequisite for understanding local campaign finance regulation imposed by City Code. For example, City Code defines “covered expenditure” as “(i) an independent expenditure made with respect to a candidate or a ballot question or (ii) an expenditure for an electioneering communication made with respect to a candidate.” Because the terms “independent expenditure” and “expenditure for an electioneering communication” are established by the Florida Election Code, determining whether something is a “covered expenditure” for purposes of City Code must begin with an understanding and analysis of the underlying statutory concepts. 

The Florida Division of Elections (the “Division”) has released a variety of publications describing the application of the statutory concepts that form the foundation of the City’s local campaign finance regulation, and it would be inappropriate for the City to publish competing guidance on those statutory topics. Accordingly, this handbook has been prepared to complement the Division’s publications, and questions regarding the application of state law should still be resolved by consulting the Division’s publications or contacting the Division for assistance.

Local Campaign Finance Handbook

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