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Pet Care

Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies

Pet owners are responsible for disaster planning for their pet. If you plan to evacuate, plan for your pet as well. Take your Pet Survival Kit if you go to friends, relatives or a hotel. The Red Cross shelters cannot accept pets. So if you plan to go to a public shelter, make other provisions for your pet. Limited space is available at "pet shelters" (kennels, veterinarians, etc.) on high ground. After the storm has passed, be careful in allowing your pet outdoors. Familiar scents and landmarks may be altered and your pet could be easily confused and become lost. Downed power lines and animals and insects brought in with high water could present real dangers to your pet. Take care not to allow your pet to consume food or water which may have become contaminated. For more information call the SPCA, Animal Control and Humane Society. Review Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies.

Pet-Friendly Shelter

Oak Grove Middle School
1370 S. Belcher Road, Clearwater

John Hopkins Middle School
701 16th Street S., St. Petersburg

Dunedin Middle School
70 Patricia Avenue, Dunedin

Notes: This shelter is only opened when mandatory evacuations are ordered (Mobile Home Residents only, or Levels A thru E) and is only for persons with pets (cats and dogs only). At the present time, because of limited space, pre-registration is required.  You may pre-register by calling Pinellas County Animal Services 727-582-2600 or register online.

Pet Survival Kit

  • Proper ID collar and rabies tag/license
  • Carrier or cage
  • Leash
  • Ample food supply (at least two weeks)
  • Water/food bowls
  • Any necessary medication(s)
  • Specific care instructions
  • Newspapers, cat litter, scoop, plastic trash bags for handling waste
  • Proper ID on all belongings
  • Non-electric can opener

* Make sure your pets have had all their shots within the past 12 months. Pet shelters will require proof of vaccinations.

Volunteers are needed to help with Pet Pick-ups from Special Needs citizens during evacuations. Find out more about Animal Services calls.

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