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Race to Safe

We’re all working hard to Restart St. Pete and adapt to a new normal.

But, in light of the continued community health risks, we’re shifting our focus to reducing Pinellas County’s COVID-19 positivity rate and being Florida’s most COVID-safe community.

Our daily lives and important moments like holidays, weddings and graduations have looked a lot different, but we must continue doing everything we can to keep our community safe. Below, you'll find resources to navigate the pandemic and help prevent the spread as well as metrics with our current standing as a community.

We’re in this Race to Safe together – the St. Pete Way. You can help affect these numbers. Our standing as a community will not improve without a commitment from all of us. Remember to wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands. Review St. Pete's Race to Safe Toolkit to learn how you can help eliminate the pandemic.


Where We Are: Jan. 15, 2021

  • Pinellas County's
    Current Daily % Positive


  • Pinellas County's
    2-week Average % Positive




2-Week Average % Positive

1 Broward 9.34%
2 Palm Beach 9.62%
3 Pinellas 10.03%
4 Miami-Dade 10.05%
5 Lee 10.11%
6 Brevard 10.66%
7 Orange 11.91%
8 Duval 12.56%
9 Hillsborough 12.88%
10 Polk 13.58%

Find more information on Pinellas County's COVID-19 Dashboard.


St. Pete Way St. Pete Way
economic recovery plan Resources for Residents Flu Vaccinations St. Pete Way


Grants and Loans
  • Mortgage & Utility Payment Assistance Grant Program
    Provides grants to eligible homeowners who have fallen past due with mortgage payments or other living expenses and/or are in jeopardy of future payment delinquency due to lost or diminished income
  • Rental & Utility Assistance
    The City has partnered with local non-profit organizations to provide short-term assistance for rent and utilities to residents whose incomes have been affected by the pandemic.
  • Pinellas CARES Financial Assistance 
    One-time financial assistance to pay for basic expenses such as rent and utilities
Community Resources
Government Resources
  • Pinellas County COVID-19 Website
    Updates, assistance resources, list of testing sites in the County and a data dashboard showing cases, testing capacity, and healthcare capacity


Summary of current rules in effect in St. Pete, as it relates to operations of businesses.
Grants and Loans
Business Resources
Government Resources
  • Pinellas County COVID-19 Website
    Updates, assistance resources, list of testing sites in the County and a data dashboard showing cases, testing capacity, and healthcare capacity

City Orders+

Executive Order 2020-01
Initiating emergency powers
Mayor's Proclamation
Declaring a state of local emergency
Executive Order 2020-03
Closing of places of public assemblage, regulating alcohol sales
Emergency Notice
Waiving procedures required by the City pertaining to public work
Executive Order 2020-04
Closing of places of public assemblage, regulating alcohol sales
Executive Order 2020-05
Extending Emergency through March 26
Executive Order 2020-06
Extending Emergency through April 2
Executive Order 2020-07
Superceding previous City orders, providing notice of applicable state and county orders, and suspending certain City permits
Executive Order 2020-08
Limiting the sale of alcohol to certain hours
Executive Order 2020-10
Extending Emergency through April 9
Executive Order 2020-11
Extending Emergency through April 16
Executive Order 2020-12
Waiving requirements for City meetings, closing places to in-person meetings
Executive Order 2020-13
Extending Emergency through April 23
Executive Order 2020-14
Extending Emergency through April 30
Executive Order 2020-15
Extending Emergency through May 7
Executive Order 2020-16
Ending suspension of sidewalk cafe permits
Executive Order 2020-17
Extending Emergency through May 14
Executive Order 2020-18
Extending Emergency through May 21
Executive Order 2020-19
Extending Emergency through May 28
Executive Order 2020-20
Extending Emergency through June 4
Executive Order 2020-21
Extending Emergency through June 11
Executive Order 2020-22
Ending temporary suspension of alcohol sales
Executive Order 2020-23
Extending Emergency through June 18
Executive Order 2020-24
Businesses must implement mitigation and continency plan and ensuring employees wear face coverings
Executive Order 2020-25
Extending Emergency through June 25
Executive Order 2020-26
Requiring the use of face coverings
Executive Order 2020-27
Businesses must implement mitigation and continency plan - County
Executive Order 2020-28
Extending Emergency through July 2
Executive Order 2020-29
Extending Emergency through July 9
Executive Order 2020-30
Restated Meeting and Administration Order
Executive Order 2020-31
Extending Emergency through July 16
Executive Order 2020-32
Extending Emergency through July 23
Executive Order 2020-33
Extending Emergency through July 30
Executive Order 2020-34
Extending Emergency through August 6
Executive Order 2020-35
Extending Emergency through August 13
Executive Order 2020-36
Extending Emergency through August 20
Executive Order 2020-37
Extending Emergency through August 27
Executive Order 2020-38
Extending Emergency through September 3
Executive Order 2020-39
Extending Emergency through September 10
Executive Order 2020-40
Extending Emergency through September 17
Executive Order 2020-41
Extending Emergency through September 24
Executive Order 2020-42
Extending Emergency through September 24
Executive Order 2020-43
Restating requirements for businesses to have mitigation and contingency planning, establishing new requirements for planning at events held with a City-issued permit or on City-owned property, conditioning public entry into and use of City facilities on compliance with certain requirements, and conditionally authorizing in-person public attendance at City government meetings.
Executive Order 2020-44
Extending Emergency through October 8
Executive Order 2020-45
Extending Emergency through October 15
Executive Order 2020-46
Extending Emergency through October 23
Executive Order 2020-47
Extending Emergency through October 29
Executive Order 2020-48
Extending Emergency through November 5
Executive Order 2020-49
Extending Emergency through November 12
Executive Order 2020-50
Declare emergency for Hurricane Eta
Executive Order 2020-51
Invoking emergency powers in response to Eta
Executive Order 2020-52
Extending Emergency through November 19
Executive Order 2020-54
Extending Emergency through November 26
Executive Order 2020-56
Extending Emergency through December 3
Executive Order 2020-58
Extending Emergency through December 10
Executive Order 2020-60
Extending Emergency through December 17
Executive Order 2020-62
Extending Emergency through December 24
Executive Order 2020-64
Extending Emergency through December 31
Executive Order 2020-66
Extending Emergency through January 7
Executive Order 2021-01
Extending Emergency through January 14


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