City Charter Review Commission

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City Charter Review Commission


The City Charter is the legal document that defines the political powers of city government. The Charter defines the relationship between the Mayor, the City Council, the various departments of the city and the residents of St. Petersburg. You can read a current copy of the Charter here.

Why is the City Charter Important to St. Petersburg?

It is the Charter that protects our city's waterfront park system and prevents development of waterfront land unless the public votes in support of doing so through a referendum. The City Charter directs the city's strong mayor form of government, and determines how many Council Members we elect and how our Council Districts are divided. The Charter is, in essence, St. Petersburg's version of the U.S. Constitution.

What is the Charter Review Commission?

The Charter Review Commission (CRC) is a body appointed by the City Council and the Mayor every 10 years. The eight Council Members and the Mayor each appoint one individual to the Commission. The CRC is given the responsibility of reviewing the City Charter and recommending any changes it deems necessary.

How is the Charter Amended?

The CRC  gathers recommendations from the Mayor, Members of City Council, city staff and citizens. The Commission met in January 2021 and completed its review and submitted the Final Report of the 2021 Charter Review Commission in July 2021. The amendments to the City Charter must be approved by voters. 

Final Report 2021

Proposed Amendments

1. Limiting City Council elections to voters in the applicable Council District and making related changes
2. Establishing new process for drawing district boundaries for election of City Council Members
3. Establishing an equity framework and Chief Equity Officer for City government
4. Establishing a requirement for Charter-protected equity funding
5. Establishing new requirements related to City Administrator, City Clerk, and City Council Administrative Officer
6. Changing the City's Charter-review process to avoid conflict with redistricting and make other improvements
7. Adding a preamble to describe the spirit of the Charter and the City's governing philosophy


  • Mayor Rick Kriseman – Dr. Lars Hafner, Chair
  • CM Deborah Figgs-Sanders – Terri Lipsey-Scott, Vice Chair
  • CM Robert Blackmon – Dr. Ed Carlson
  • CM Brandi Gabbard – Vicki Shuman
  • CM Ed Montanari – Chris Burke
  • CM Darden Rice – Tami Simms
  • CM Gina Driscoll – Roxanne Fixsen
  • CM Lisa Wheeler-Bowman – Rev. J.C. Pritchett II 
  • CM Amy Foster – Meiko Seymour
2021 Agendas, Packets & Minutes
07/26/21 CRC Meeting
07/19/21 CRC Meeting
07/12/21 CRC Meeting
06/28/21 CRC Meeting
06/21/21 CRC Meeting
06/21/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
06/07/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
05/22/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
05/17/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
05/10/21 CRC Meeting
05/03/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
04/26/21 CRC Meeting
04/19/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
04/12/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
04/12/21 CRC Meeting
03/22/21 CRC Meeting
03/22/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
03/08/21 CRC Meeting
03/08/21 CRC Subcommittee on Racial Equity Meeting
02/22/21 CRC Meeting
02/08/21 CRC Meeting