Civilian Police Review Committee

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Civilian Police Review Committee


The Civilian Police Review Committee (CPRC) is a volunteer advisory body whose purpose is to review citizen-generated complaint cases and cases that have received a high level of community interest, which have been filed against St. Petersburg police officers. The CPRC role is to determine whether Police Department policies and procedures were followed by the accused police officer and the investigating police officers. These cases represent administrative investigations and are not criminal in nature.

CPRC 2021 Annual Report

The Committee reviews and analyzes the cases, and determines, through consensus, the adequacy and appropriateness of the investigations and findings. Pursuant to Florida law, the CPRC cannot change the findings, but it can provide recommendations for policies within the Police Department that convey a sense of fairness, competency of investigations, and concern for the interests of both the civilian complainants and the police officers.

Any person may register a complaint against a St. Petersburg police officer, when there is reason to believe that the officer has acted improperly, at either of these locations:

St. Petersburg Police Department
Office of Professional Standards (OPS)
1301 1st Ave. N. 
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Civilian Police Review Committee
MSC Building, 3rd Floor
One 4th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

The Civilian Police Review Committee exists to educate the public about the complaint process and to have citizens review and publicize the results of those complaint cases. In the past, community groups and individual citizens voiced their concerns regarding the Police Department's complaint system. They perceived that the legitimacy of case investigations could be questionable when those who were the subjects of the complaints were also responsible for the investigation of those complaints.

CPRC is a 13-member, multi-racial group that reflects the representative composition of the City's population. Members serve for three years and are appointed by the Mayor. Citizens interested in joining the committee should submit a resume with a cover letter briefly describing why they are interested (address and phone above).

Become a Committee Member

Community Awareness Response Team (CART) 

The Community Awareness Response Team (CART) is a network of community volunteers and City employees who assist the City in its efforts to be proactive in becoming aware of and responsive to community issues and concerns. The team's purpose is to enhance the City's ability to maintain a constant awareness of situations that could produce community tension or develop into community unrest, and to facilitate the preservation of peaceful and harmonious community relations.

CART members routinely monitor community issues, such as youth gang activity, potential racial tension, civil unrest and neighborhood complaints. If necessary, CART members are available to rapidly respond to locations experiencing tension and assist law enforcement authorities with communication and negotiation processes.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Understanding that the team member is NOT a police officer.
  • Becoming thoroughly acquainted with area residents and encouraging reporting incidents of an unusual nature, or those that have potential to create a disturbance or unrest.
  • Reporting rumors circulating in the community that could adversely affect the peace.
  • Reporting any community related issues or concerns that may warrant investigation and/or action.
  • Attending quarterly team meetings.

How to Join 

Interested citizens should submit a resume with a cover letter briefly describing their interest in membership to:

Lendel Bright, ADA and Diversity Coordinator
P.O. Box 2842
St. Petersburg, FL 33731
TDD/TTY: 727-892-5259

The Community Affairs Division is located at:
One 4th St. N. - MSC Building, 3rd Floor
St. Petersburg, FL 33701