Employee Recognition Committee

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Employee Recognition Committee


The Employee Recognition Committee was created in 1997 to initiate a coordinated Employee Achievement Award program to reward employees for a job well done.

The objectives of the Employee Recognition Committee are to fulfill the following:

  • To establish and implement sustainable policies and procedures for a comprehensive employee recognition program.
  • To support the standards of service set forth in the City's "Mission, Vision, and Values" and to comply with the City of St. Petersburg's Rules and Regulations. 
  • To encourage appropriate recognition of service which exceeds expectations. 
  • To promote individual and organizational pride.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Joern, Chair – Codes Compliance Assistance
  • Jennifer Anderson, Vice Chair – Sanitation
  • Latania Barnes – Human Resources
  • Lisa Butler – Planning & Development Services
  • Shawn Drouin – Event Recruitment & Management
  • Heather Early – St. Petersburg Police Department
  • Debbie Griffith – Department of Technology Services
  • Brittanee Harris – Parks & Recreation
  • Captain Tanya Hart – St. Petersburg Fire Rescue
  • Bryan  Lucas – Stormwater, Pavement & Traffic Operations
  • Jessica Taylor – Water Resources
  • Margaret Wahl – Budget

The City of St. Petersburg's Mission, Vision and Values Statement

St. Petersburg will be a city of opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work and play. We will be an innovative, creative and competitive community that honors our past while pursuing our future.

City of St. Petersburg employees are recognized for outstanding service through these awards:

  • Kudos: Recognizes a job well done and exceptional service for helping to make the city of St. Petersburg the wonderful community that it is to live, work and play.  
  • Ben Shirley Impactful Service Award: Recognizes outstanding service by an employee or group of employees, either to the public or another employee/department.
  • Servant Leadership Award: Recognizes the contribution of any employee or group of employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Innovation Award: Established in an effort to encourage and reward exceptional service and/or innovation demonstrated by City personnel.

The Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony is intended to provide an opportunity for peers to recognize employees for Length of Service of 20 years or more. The Ben Shirley Impactful Service and Servant Leadership awards are also presented.  Ceremonies are held in the Garden Room at Sunken Gardens, 1825 Fourth Street North, at 8:30 a.m. in January, May and September.

Submit an Employee Achievement Award Recommendation

The Employee Recognition Committee welcomes submissions for outstanding service from the public and from within the city. Submit through the Online Submission Form .

Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to kudos@stpete.org or mailed to:

City of St. Petersburg
One 4th St. N
St. Petersburg, Florida  33731
Attention: Human Resources - Employee Recognition Committee

Include this information in your mailed or emailed submission:

  • Date of service rendered,
  • Employee name(s) and/or department(s),
  • Description of outstanding service rendered
  • Your name and contact information (optional).