Health, Energy, Resilience, and Sustainability Committee

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Health, Energy, Resilience, And Sustainability Committee


The Health, Energy, Resilience, and Sustainability Committee (“HERS”) deliberates and makes recommendations on policies relating to St. Petersburg’s sustainability initiatives including energy efficiency, recycling, green infrastructure, alternative energy sources, climate, and environmental protections. The Committee also supports community-led sustainability efforts and most recently, the Committee led the charge on addressing food insecurity in the City by establishing an independent Food Policy Council.

2024 Committee Members

  • Council Member Richie Floyd (Chair)
  • Council Member John Muhammad (Vice-Chair)
  • Council Member Gina Driscoll 
  • Council Member Brandi Gabbard
  • Council Member Copley Gerdes (Alternate)

Staff Liaison

Cortney Phillips,

05/16/24 Meeting
03/21/24 Meeting
02/15/24 Meeting
01/25/24 Meeting
09/21/23 Meeting
05/18/23 Meeting
04/27/23 Meeting
03/23/23 Meeting
02/23/23 Meeting
01/26/23 Meeting
12/15/22 Meeting
09/22/22 Meeting
08/25/22 Meeting
07/28/22 Meeting
04/28/22 Meeting
02/24/22 Meeting