Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee

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Housing, Land Use And Transportation Committee


The Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee (“HLUT”) is responsible for deliberating and recommending policies related to housing affordability, a safe and diverse transportation network, and land use practices which promote sustainable and equitable growth.

2021 Committee Members

  • Council Member Brandi Gabbard (Committee Chair)
  • Council Member Robert Blackmon (Committee Vice-Chair)
  • Council Member Darden Rice
  • Council Member Gina Driscoll
  • Council Member Amy Foster (Alternate)
2021 Agendas
10/14/21 Meeting
09/16/21 Meeting
08/12/21 Meeting
07/15/21 Meeting
06/10/21 Meeting
05/13/21 Meeting
04/08/21 Meeting
03/11/21 Meeting
02/11/21 Meeting
01/14/21 Meeting
2020 Agendas
09/10/20 Meeting
08/13/20 Meeting
07/16/20 Meeting
05/14/20 Meeting
01/16/20 Meeting