Citizens Redistricting Commission

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Citizens Redistricting Commission


The City Charter requires a City Council redistricting process to occur every ten years in conjunction with the U.S. Decennial Census. The Citizens Redistricting Commission consists of nine citizens, with one Commissioner appointed by the Mayor and one Commissioner appointed by each of the eight Council Members. 

Commission Members

  • Mayor Welch:  Tahisia Scantling
  • District 1 (Copley Gerdes): Kim Vogel
  • District 2 (Brandi Gabbard): Darla Otey
  • District 3 (Ed Montanari): Melissa Meshil
  • District 4 (Lisset Hanewicz): Joel Giles
  • District 5 (Deborah Figgs-Sanders): Shameka Jones
  • District 6 (Gina Driscoll): Trevor Mallory
  • District 7 (John Muhammad): Rev. J.C. Pritchett, II
  • District 8 (Richie Floyd): James Kidder

Function of the Commission

The Commission is responsible for creating and recommending new City Council districts that comply with City Charter requirements. The commission has 60 days to submit a report to City Council that includes a map and description of the recommended districts, an ordinance City Council can adopt to establish the recommended districts, and hold at least one public hearing on the report.

After the Citizens Redistricting Commission submits its report to City Council, Council has up to 60 days to accept the districts proposed by the Citizens Redistricting Commission through a majority vote or reject the districts proposed by the Commission by adopting districts drawn by City Council through a unanimous vote. If City Council does not take either action within 60 days, then the districts proposed by the commission are adopted and will go into effect.

Once City Council has adopted the new districts, the information is provided to the Supervisor of Elections and voter ID cards are updated to reflect the new City Council districts.

Alternative maps have been developed and are being considered by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Alternative Redistricting Maps      Redistricting Final Report

Meeting Schedule

The Citizens Redistricting Commission met for the first organizational session on August 8, 2022. All meetings are in City Hall Council Chambers from 5:00 -7:30 p.m.

  • August 15
  • August 22
  • August 29
  • September 6
  • September 12
    • two Public Hearings, occurring at 9am and 5pm, located in Council Chambers
  • September 19
  • September 26
  • October 3 
2022 Agendas, Packets & Minutes
10/05/22 Meeting
09/19/22 Meeting
09/12/22 Meeting
09/06/22 Meeting
08/29/22 Meeting
08/22/22 Meeting
08/15/22 Meeting
08/08/22 Meeting