Youth Development Review Committee

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Youth Development Grant Review Committee


As the City continues to expand the Mayor’s education and community initiatives designed to provide opportunities to our youth and businesses, the fourth and newest component of My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper (MBSK) is the Youth Development Grant program.

The Youth Development Grant Review Committee was been established to review grant applications and assist in the selection of recipients. Comprised of
eight St. Pete residents, appointed by the Mayor, the committee member terms of service are staggered in one- and two-year terms. Four members will serve one year until 2023. The remaining four members will serve two years until 2024. To learn more about the grant review committee, please read the Youth Development Grant Review Committee 2022 Goals.


One-year appointment. Term ends in 2023.

  • Kimberly K. Vogel (new appointment) - District 1
  • Julet Barton (reappointment) - District 3
  • Jenet Jerido (new appointment) – District 5
  • Harris Ambush (reappointment) – District 6

Two-year appointment. Term ends in 2024.

  • Caryn Nesmith (new appointment) – District 8
  • Seth Brown Alexander (new appointment) – District 2
  • Yashira Michelle Gonzalez (new appointment) – District 4
  • Collin Hollister (new appointment) – District 6
Additional Applicants
  • Paul Benjamin Alexander – District 6
  • Will Freeman – District 2
  • Norman Headley Hoyes – District 3
  • Denise Young – District 4