Mayor's Commitment To Youth

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This initiative supports Mayor Welch's Pillar for Progress: Education & Youth Opportunities. Learn more about Mayor Welch's five Pillars for Progress and six Principles for Accountable and Responsive Government at


We are building a safe St. Pete where our kids have the resources they need to thrive.

As a Pillar for Progress - Education & Youth Opportunity - is at the foundation of our mission. St. Pete's youth are the future of our city, and having programs and resources in place to keep kids safe and help them succeed is critical. Not only do we need to meet their basic needs - safe housing, access to healthy and affordable food, and quality education - but we need to ensure they feel empowered to explore their interests and most importantly...have fun!

Mayor Welch affirms his commitment to the City’s youth, their families, and the community with a multi-pronged initiative with a fourfold plan that centers around awareness, opportunity, listening, and leadership.

Awareness: A Focus On Programming

The City strives to empower youth with enriching activities to explore their interests while having fun.


  • Play A Sport
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  • Learn To Golf
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  • Visit A Rec Center
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  • Become A Cohort
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  • Grow A Garden
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  • Get Outside
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  • Tour City Hall
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  • Explore Tech Camps
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Safety + Care.

  • Not My Child
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  • Care For Youth
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  • Care For Teens
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  • Care For Middle Schoolers
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  • No School Days Help
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Opportunity: Important Dates For Youth

  • October 2023 – Anti-Bullying Month
  • City Hall On Tour – December 5, 5:30 - 8 p.m. at Childs Park Recreation Center

Listening: It Takes A Village – Community Conversations

Helping our young people succeed requires input and involvement from them and everyone who touches their lives—parents, family members, neighbors, teachers, the faith community, business owners, non-profits, community leaders, and elected officials. Soliciting ideas and opinions from constituent groups is critical to determining the next steps for addressing the Education and Youth Opportunities Pillar for Progress.

Leadership: Looking for a New Director to Lead the Way

A search for a new Director of Education and Youth Opportunities is underway. The person hired will be responsible for the coordination and direction of activities and programs affecting educational and youth opportunity relationships between the City, the community, and other federal, state, and local agencies. The interview process is underway and a new Director will be on board in the Fall.