Entrepreneur in Residence Program

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Business in the Front

The Entrepreneur in Residence program is a two-year program that positions a local entrepreneur as the liaison between the entrepreneurial community and City government, creating a bridge between the two. The program empowers City government to use more innovative, efficient, and entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving and service delivery and positions the Entrepreneur in Residence as a champion, advocate, and connector for both the City and other entrepreneurs in St. Pete.

Current Entrepreneur in Residence: Reuben Pressman

Reuben Pressman is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Presence, a software platform to help higher educational institutions understand data in order to take action to increase student engagement, success, and workforce readiness. 

Reuben was born and raised in Tampa Bay and moved to St. Pete to attend USFSP’s Entrepreneurship program in 2008. Reuben serves on boards of community organizations in the arts, technology, higher education, and entrepreneurship; works deeply with economic development; and is a visible ambassador of St. Pete’s thriving startup scene. 

Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote St. Petersburg as an entrepreneurial hub and work in concert with the City and City partners to assist with three major targets:
    • Company recruitment and expansion
    • Investor recruitment and expansion
    • Workforce pipeline
  • Create, convene, and facilitate the “Mayor’s Panel on Entrepreneurship,” a think tank representing all levels of entrepreneurial activity with the goal to advise/share/discuss policies and initiatives that help foster growth and awareness of and for St. Petersburg
  • Examine, advise, and assist City departments and initiatives to improve government efficiencies and provide an entrepreneurial approach, as needed
  • Engage entrepreneurial community in an educational capacity on behalf of priority City projects
  • Create a six-year strategic plan for the EiR program, alongside City staff
  • Participate in St. Pete's Grow Smarter Entrepreneurial Work Group