We Are St. Pete

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Community Campaign

Introducing "We Are St. Pete," a powerful community campaign born from the historic moment when the City of St. Petersburg welcomed Kenneth T. Welch, our first Black Mayor, into office in January of 2022. Embracing the spirit of principled progress and intentional inclusivity, this community campaign aims to celebrate the rich diversity that thrives within St. Pete's cultural tapestry. We're thrilled to share this campaign with our city - it showcases the pride of St. Pete, but also serves as a tangible symbol of solidarity.

With the launch of these carefully crafted products, we invite the community to join hands and wear their support proudly, creating an enduring legacy that echoes the invincible spirit of St. Petersburg. Together, we declare: We Are St. Pete.

More about Mayor Welch's vision for St. Pete at stpete.org/vision.

two people walking away from camera with shirts that read on back, we are st pete

"We Are..."

We Are Inclusive
We Are In-Touch
We Are Innovative
We Are Informed
We Are Intentional
We Are Impactful
We Are St. Pete.


Design Inspiration

In our quest to create a campaign that authentically represents the essence of St. Petersburg, every aspect of "We Are St. Pete" was meticulously crafted to honor the city's history and diverse community. For the typography, we sought inspiration from a source that carries significant historical inspiration. The font selection, MARTIN, was inspired by the non-violent spirit and determination exemplified by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his influential activism.

Additionally, our color palette was thoughtfully curated to reflect the City's current brand colors - but a lighter more vibrant version found within the iconic landmarks and treasured places throughout St. Pete. Each color selection symbolizes the city's beauty and richness, celebrating its distinct character and uniting the community under a shared sense of pride. By intertwining these carefully chosen elements, we have created a visual language that encapsulates the values and aspirations that make St. Pete so special.


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Join the Movement

Downloadable Elements

Cell phone backgrounds

Where to Buy

For the first time, our internal city designs are now available to the public. Find We Are St. Pete shirts, hats, and more at the following list of locations.


Licensing and Partnership Opportunities

If you're hosting an event or looking to collab with the We Are St. Pete brand campaign, please fill out this form and our team will get back to you soon!

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