Community Conversations

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Mayor Kenneth T. Welch is in-touch with Community Conversations

Remaining in-touch with our community is a key pillar in this administration, and a crucial component in ensuring intentional equity in governance. That’s why we took the time to speak with residents from all corners of the city on issues that most affect their lives. This report distills the information gathered throughout that process, and offers insight into how we can best respond to constituents’ needs.

Message from the Mayor

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Community Conversations that occurred prior to my inauguration. I’m hopeful you and others will help us continue the dialogue. The topics addressed were the 5 priority areas of my administration – Housing Opportunities for All; Equitable Development and Business Opportunities; Environment, Infrastructure and Resiliency; Education and Youth Opportunities; and Neighborhood Health and Safety. More than 500 residents participated in the Community Conversations and your willingness to share your experiences, ideas, and bold solutions confirms my belief in the partnership between government and the citizens it serves.

We received the final report, which summarizes the input provided during the three Community Conversation sessions. A copy of the report is linked below on this webpage. We have organized the information from both the Community Conversations report and the Harvard Kennedy School report into a portfolio of potential action strategies that correspond with each of the five priority areas, with subcategories under each. This list of potential action strategies is also linked below for your review.

There are many great ideas that emerged, and we would like you to provide your thoughts on what you think are the priorities. Using the list of potential action strategies, we created a survey to make it easier to communicate your priorities. Please complete the survey to identify what you believe are the top strategies in each subcategory. The link to the survey is located below.

The survey will remain open for 30 days (ending April 17th, 2022). After the survey closes, we will use your input and other data to help shape our action plan and identify next steps in addressing these five priority areas. We hope you make your voice heard and give direct input on these issues as we move forward as Partners in Progress.

I am thankful for your partnership and your commitment to making St. Petersburg a place that benefits everyone. We Are St. Pete!

Mayor Kenneth T. Welch