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Act Now Before It's Too Late

If you and your family are experiencing foreclosure please review the following information:

Foreclosure Registry

City Ordinance No. 48-H requires the registration of properties within 10 days of filing foreclosure action or within 10 days after the mortgagee has notified the borrower of default and the mortgagee finds evidence that the property is vacant. The ordinance also requires properties subject to pending foreclosure action prior to Nov. 1, 2012 to be registered within 60 days. 

The city of St. Petersburg uses the services of the Federal Property Registration Corporation ( to collect required registration information and a fee of $230. Registrations are valid for one calendar year and annual registration is required. Changes to registered properties should be reported with 10 days of the change. Vacant properties should be posted with the name and 24-hour contact telephone of mortgagee’s local agent.

Export of Active Foreclosure Registry
Data is provided as a public resource of general information for use "as is" - with the understanding it is NOT guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. Any conclusions drawn from such information are the sole responsibility of the user.

Visit to register, update or check the status of a property.

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