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Rebates for Residential Rehabs

Affordable and sustainable housing opportunities for all segments of our community are recognized as an important part of developing and maintaining a healthy economy and workforce. In 2014, St. Petersburg City Council approved $400,000 of funding for a housing rehabilitation incentive program targeting residential structures. The “Rebates for Residential Rehabs,” or RRR program, creates an incentive for private investment in the target area by providing a 20 percent rebate of the cost of specific building improvements to the owner of the residential property.

The incentive will stimulate “real” renovations by leveraging the $400,000 City investment with a minimum of $2,000,000 of private investment. The RRR program will also bolster employment in the construction industry. Residential rehab labor costs typically represent 50 percent of the total renovation expense, thereby promoting $1,000,000 spending on workforce wages in the construction industry. To ensure “real” renovations, the RRR Program has specific home improvement requirements and spending limits based on the criteria set forth in the program policy.

Getting Started

Map of Program Area

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