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The City of St. Petersburg is committed to providing affordable housing for its residents. The links below include information on apartment listings, housing authorities, and programs. 

Renter's Rights

Housing is an essential component of individual and community well-being in which rental units are an important part of the City’s available housing stock; renting continues to grow in popularity among City residents. Protecting renters from eviction, discrimination, and unreasonable late fees is important to the City’s social, economic, and environmental well-being.

Accordingly, the Tenant Bill of Rights, found in Chapter 20 of the City’s Municipal Code, was adopted by City Council on November 7, 2019 and put into effect on February 8, 2020. There have been three separate ordinances passed, which include certain requirements for landlords.

Late Fees (Chapter 20-320)
In addition to informing tenants of their rights and responsibilities, it is equally important to inform landlords of their rights and responsibilities. Noted below is a summary of the Tenant Notice of Late Fees found in the Tenant Bill of Rights:

  • Written notice must be provided by the landlord to the tenant(s) prior to any late fees being assessed to the tenant(s)
  • Written notice is required each time a new late fee is assessed
  • Only one notice is required if the same late fee continues to accrue after delivery of the notice
  • Late fees must be clearly referenced in the rental agreement

Notice of Rights
At the time a rental agreement is formalized, all landlord(s) must provide the tenant(s) with a copy of the Required Notice of Rights in Housing, as approved by City Council, prior to the tenant(s) occupying the rental unit. Noted below is a summary of the Notice of Rights:

  • All residential units must be fit for habitation
  • Retaliation and discrimination against tenants based and race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, gender identity or expression or veteran or service member status are illegal
  • Tenant(s) has/have the right to challenge an eviction and other unlawful action
  • Help is available for those facing eviction and/or homelessness by contacting 211

Notice of Redevelopment
Ordinance 419-H, brought forth to City Council on March 5, 2020, amends Chapter 16 of the City of St. Petersburg’s Municipal Code creating a requirement that property owners provide written notice to tenant(s) in certain multi-family developments of their intent to develop and dislocate tenants. Noted below is a summary of the Tenant Notice of Intent to Develop:

  • Projects which involve four or more existing occupied multi-family dwelling units shall provide a written Notice of Intent to Develop to all tenants residing on the subject property at least 90 days prior to issuance of a building permit
  • No permits shall be issued for the subject property until such time as the 90-day period has expired
  • A written Notice of Intent to Develop shall be issued on paper with a planned date for demolition of structures and commencement of construction
  • Notice of Intent to Develop shall be delivered via certified mail to all tenants residing on the subject property

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