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St. Petersburg Police Unveils 'Community DNA' Catherine Woods Sculpture

The sculpture was created by local artist Catherine Woods and was installed along 13th Street North, next to the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Woods piece, Community DNA, was chosen by the Public Arts Commission’s Police Station Subcommittee. The artwork honors and celebrates the St. Petersburg Police Department’s relationship with the community

Every single line and shape on the sculpture is taken from a photo of St Petersburg. The artist took thousands of photos from all areas of the city. From these, she made 31 unique collages celebrating the city’s diversity and then translated them to glass and pierced metal.

The bottom two collages incorporate images provided by the St Petersburg Museum of History. These panels were purposely placed at the bottom of the sculpture, as the foundation visually supporting the St Petersburg experience.

The repeating modular shape is based on a ‘shield’ shape. The shield is a layer of protection from harm and represents the St Petersburg Police Department.

There are 31 panels connected to the center support post -15 glass units and 16 pierced metal units.

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