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Pier Ambassadors Announced

ST. PETERSBURG (November 6, 2019) - When the St. Pete Pier reopens in the Spring of 2020, there will be a special cadre of volunteers to greet, host and tour visitors through the 26-acre waterfront park. The Pier Ambassadors are comprised of 20 sophomore and junior high school students, who reside in St. Petersburg. They will go through a special training program of monthly sessions with the City Pier team, Pier architects and local historians to learn about the history of former Piers and the development of the new Pier District. An tour of the new Pier prior to opening will take place in early 2020.

The Pier Ambassador program was launched on Wednesday, November 6th at a special reception at Sunken Gardens, where the students heard from Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin, Chris Ballestra, Managing Director, Development for the City and Program Chairs Leah McRae, Director of Education for the City and Laura Spence, Director of STEM Education for Pinellas county schools. 

Before introducing the inaugural group of ambassadors, Deputy Mayor Tomalin told them:
“I envy you the experiences you’ll have as you learn about our new pier and then have the opportunity to introduce our pier and our city, to visitors from around the world. I ask that you take your important task seriously but at the same time, please enjoy your roles as spokespeople for our city, our waterfront, and our incredible new pier.”

The first-ever group of Pier Ambassadors includes:

Ava Irene Abrahams: Sophomore, St. Pete High
Sara Ahmad Abusulb: Sophomore, St. Pete High
Ashley Baugher: Sophomore, St. Pete Collegiate
Max Richard Bernhart: Junior, Lakewood
Connor Richard Carlisle: Junior, St. Pete High
Indea Erin Elizabeth DeVore: Junior, St. Pete Collegiate
John Worth Elwyn: Sophomore, Shorecrest Preparatory School
Markos Garcia: Sophomore, Northside Christian School
Avery Lynn Guinagh: Sophomore, St. Pete High
Grace Elizabeth Hengstenberg: Junior, St. Pete Collegiate
Ashley Nicole Hornbeck: Junior, St. Pete Collegiate
Matthew Jimenez Cortez: Junior, St. Pete High
Elizabeth Margaret Johnson: Junior, St. Pete High
Adrian Lopez: Junior, St. Pete Collegiate
Taijuan Anthony Lucas: Junior, Admiral Farragut
Krish Privam Patel: Sophomore, Shorecrest Preparatory School
Yamira Janiecia Patterson: Sophomore, St. Pete High
Mia Janelle Pineda: Sophomore, Dixie Hollins
Magnicel Laigo Pulido: Sophomore, St. Pete High
Leah Taylor Sonberg: Sophomore, St. Pete High

Additional information about the St. Pete Pier™ is available on the Pier website at

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