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Introducing: St. Petersburg's Road to Zero Waste

The City of St. Petersburg has made a goal to be a zero-waste city by 2050. As a coastal city, protecting our natural environment is especially vital to quality of life.

Just in time for Earth Day, the City of St. Petersburg has launched Road to Zero Waste, a campaign to empower those who live, work and play in St. Pete to reduce the amount of waste they produce and help lessen the burden on the planet. By making even small everyday changes, we can all help decrease the waste that ends up in the trash where it can produce greenhouse gases and other pollution.

We all know and love the 3 R’s: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Now there are 6 R’s to help reduce waste:

  1. Refuse products that are destined for the trash after one use.
  2. Reduce items that have excess packaging or products you simply don’t need.
  3. Repair items in your home when possible, don’t just toss them.
  4. Reuse products to reduce waste and save money.
  5. Recycle if you can’t refuse, reduce or reuse items.
  6. Rot and return nutrients to the soil by composting.

Find waste reduction tips and learn how you can help on the Road to Zero Waste at

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