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City Partners with Local Artists and Educators On Mural To Expand "My Sunshine City Campaign

Rescheduled: Due to weather, the Community Mural painting project will begin on Sunday, September 4, at 9 a.m. and finish on Monday.

Organizers are also planning a projection event Saturday night between 9 and 10 p.m. to project the students' art onto barricades, depending on weather.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (August 30, 2016) –
As part of the City of St. Petersburg’s “My Sunshine City” campaign, the City has partnered with ten Pinellas County Center for the Arts-Gibbs High School students, local professional artists and educators to spend Labor Day weekend turning a portion of the Pinellas Trail into a cultural tribute to St. Petersburg.

Under the tutelage of artist Chad Mize, six local professional artists, including two former PCCA-Gibbs alumni and Gibbs educators - the young artists will spend September 4-5, 2016, painting a series of 52 12-by-3 foot concrete barricades, located at the Trail and 20th Street South. Utilizing inspiration from the City’s campaign colors, imagery and logo, each student will showcase their unique interpretation of “My Sunshine City” through mural art. Once complete, the mural series will become part of this year’s SHINE Mural Festival, which takes place September 1-10, in St. Petersburg. 

Last year’s SHINE community mural project was spearheaded by Mize and artist James Oleson and this year, the City wanted to continue its partnership with local schools and artists to create something that reflects its commitment to the arts and education. This year Mize was looking for a new canvas and he found it – all 600 feet – along the Pinellas Trail.

“We wanted something unique and different yet visible to pedestrians and trail users. Concrete barricades don’t require ladders or scaffolding like traditional murals and are more easily accessible. We’re hoping this starts a sort of mural renaissance along the Trail.”

Not only is Mize strengthening the city’s investment in arts and education with the project, he’s found it’s only right to shop local when purchasing project supplies.

“The city has embraced our art by building an outstanding place where we can create,” said Mize.  "It’s important to repay the favor.”

The mural series also serves as a cultural connector, linking St. Petersburg’s EDGE District to The Deuces and will be one of two murals located there during SHINE. Mize is hopeful increased Trail traffic from future mural tours provide businesses with an incentive to offer their buildings as additional canvases. 

Note: Mize’s group plans to paint from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 3-5, near the Pinellas Trail at 20th Street South, depending on the weather. The public and members of the media are invited to watch the mural series take shape.

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