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Reclaimed Water Users Reminded of Voluntary Restrictions

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (April 25, 2016) – St. Petersburg is included in a Phase I water shortage declaration for the Tampa Bay area going into effect Monday, May 8.  All water users in the shortage area are asked to reduce any unnecessary water use and to prepare for tightened irrigation restrictions if extreme dry conditions continue.

Reclaimed Water customers in the City of St. Petersburg are being asked to remember their voluntary watering restrictions during these dry days.

Voluntary restrictions for reclaimed water allow for irrigation a maximum of 3 times per week 
(even numbered addresses may irrigate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; odd numbered addresses may irrigate on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). It is also recommended that watering be done in early morning or evening time frames as it is inefficient to irrigate during the heat of the day.  

The residential reclaimed water system -- the first to be built in the United States -- remains one of the largest in the world. The city's innovative system provides more than 37 million gallons per day to over 10 thousand customers -- primarily for lawn irrigation. Reclaimed water is also an integral part of the city's overall water conservation effort. 

During the dry spring, some customers may experience an increase in low pressure concerns due to demand exceeding supply. The Mayor may enact mandatory restrictions on reclaimed water.

When conditions warrant, the Department activates its Dry Weather Protocol for Reclaimed Water, which requires the filling of tanks during the day and allowing for irrigation in the evening hours. Reclaimed water customers are asked to turn their automatic sprinkler systems off if there is not adequate pressure for proper operation. During dry weather or reclaimed water emergencies this will help in building up the supply so that customers will be able to irrigate

For information on water restrictions in effect for St. Petersburg, visit or call the Water Watch Info Line at 892-5300.


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