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Saving time and money with directional drilling

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (December 10, 2017) – It’s a “boring” topic that saves the city significantly. 

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as underground boring, installs and replaces underground utilities by steering a rod in the ground, around obstructions.  St. Petersburg Water Resources crews have been using this technology to reduce noise, traffic obstructions and costs all over the city.  We recently caught up with once such team as they relocated potable water service from one side of 50th Street N to the other. 

This quick YouTube video ( shows how the crew first locates the new connection point, then works to bring  a boring pipeline under existing infrastructure to connect to the new line, then pulls it through the bore hole to the new connection point.

Directional drilling is the recommended technique often used in cases like this to achieve minimal on road surfaces and surrounding scenery – as well as reduced restoration costs.

Just another way that we’re keeping the PUBLIC in Public Works.  

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