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Time running out on "Sensible Sprinkling Program"

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (February 8, 2018) -- Like the ads on TV often tell us, “this is a limited-time offer.”

There are only a few weeks remaining to sign up for the City’s “Sensible Sprinkling Program.”

This program offers a FREE check-up to water customers with operable in-ground sprinkler systems using potable (drinking) water, reclaimed water, or well water. Selected participants will ... View more receive a sprinkler system evaluation with site-specific recommendations, a diagram of the sprinkler layout, installation of a rain sensor (if one is not in use on the site), water conservation information, and an automatic shut-off hose nozzle.

To participate, city residents need to complete the Sensible Sprinkling application and forward by e-mail to For more information, check out the city’s water conservation web site at or call 892-5611.

The deadline for registration and scheduling your free inspection is February 23

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