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Drainage Improvements in Denver Park

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (March 1, 2018) -- City Stormwater workers have been taking advantage of this winter’s warm and dry weather building bridges and making drainage improvements in Denver Park.

In June of last year, portions of the park’s drainage swales were overflowing into neighbors backyards along the perimeter of the park during heavy rains.  That caused a lot of concern.

Engineer Carlos Frey and Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Director John Norris met with neighbors to discuss and initiate a quick fix to stop the worst of the flooding.  Then they dug deeper into the cause.    

“We realized that the historical ditch that’s probably been here 50-70 years had filled in over time – probably through mowers and throwing clippings into the ditch,” said Norris.  He knew that a more permanent solution was needed.  

So crews came back to the park over the past two weeks to smooth the swales sides, plant grass and ensure enhanced access to the park with bridges. 

According to Norris, the flooding concerns should be greatly reduced.   “The water will run downstream and go out into the bayou,” he concluded. 

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