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Reclaimed leak stopped at Southwest Water Reclamation Facility

St. Petersburg, Fla. (May 1, 2018) – About 30,000 gallons of fully-treated reclaimed-quality water leaked from an 8” service line that was broken by a contractor backhoe during construction at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWWRF) at 3800 54th Avenue South.

The unauthorized discharge – through a 2” hole which was discovered immediately after the construction crew hit the line – lasted about 25 minutes (from 8:40-9:05 am).  It is estimated that 29,375 gallons of the fully-treated reclaimed-quality water was discharged.

Quick work by Water Resources staff and construction workers on site -- creating a temporary earthen berm along 54th Avenue South -- prevented much of that water (about 90%) from leaving the plant property.  The water was directed to flow down plant drains for re-treatment.  Some was also conveyed to a storm pond on property, but the rate of flow was not enough to have any flow out of that storm pond. 

About 10 percent of what spilled (less than 3,000 gallons) did convey to a nearby storm drain along 54th Avenue South, which leads to an open drainage ditch near Boca Ciega Bay. Environmental Compliance Division staff will take samples from the drainage ditch and nearby waters to determine any potential impact.  Results from that testing will be posted on the Recreational Water Quality page

For more information, contact Bill Logan, Public Works Communications at (727) 893-7250 or


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