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North Shore Beach re-opened for swimming

St. Petersburg, Fla. (June 22, 2018) – As of mid-day Friday, all city beaches in St. Petersburg are opened for swimming. 

The bacteriological results for the samples collected yesterday (6/21) for North Shore Beach were within the “moderate” category for Enterococci. 

The warning signs have been removed Northshore Beach.  Notification has also been made to the Sailing Center, USF and The Harborage.

Listed below is the result of testing for enterococci colony forming units (CFU) and Water Quality Category according to the Healthy Beaches Program for North Shore Beach from the June 14th sampling event.


North Shore Park  44 Moderate


In an effort to keep citizens and visitors well informed about their swimming options, every week, results from water sampling are posted on the St. Petersburg City website at  The latest results may be accessed on a user-friendly interactive map.


While the elevated test results from Wednesday’s sampling – which closed the beach for a day – were likely due to runoff from storms on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, there may have been other factors that negatively impacted the water quality of this public beach. 

This is a good time to remind residents and visitors that dogs are not allowed in these near-shore recreational areas.  Please heed the signs posted to ensure beachgoers have the opportunity to enjoy their activities without undue interference from what our four-legged friends might leave behind.

.dogs on beach

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