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News Release

Survey shows significant interest in Bridge Project

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (June 22, 2018) – The results are in. 

551 residents of Shore Acres, Northeast Park, Venetian Isles and Patrician Point – and 32 from outside the immediate area – took part in a month-long survey of issues regarding the re-building of the 40th Avenue NE Bridge.  City staff and design team members have been looking over the results and are taking the findings forward into the re-building process.

Shore Acres residents comprised over 58% of the respondents (339 returned surveys) answering questions about bridge usage and what elements are most important in its replacement. 

A majority of survey respondents (62%) prefer “limited access and potential short term closures if that means a faster completion time.”

Other survey results indicate that while virtually all respondents use the bridge for vehicular access, 27% use it for pedestrian access, and 42% use it for bicycle access. The majority of respondents (57%) travel over the bridge more than 15 times per week.

While nearly a third of the respondents say they do not cross under the bridge, almost 19 percent of those who say they do, go under the bridge 10 times or more per month.  Additionally, those who responded to the survey indicated a desire to “raise the bridge.” Over 76 percent of those interested boaters indicate that a bridge clearance greater than its current eight foot minimum vertical clearance would be preferred.

These findings will help provide a baseline of information as the design process continues.

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