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Coming Soon - Stormwater Tiered Rate System

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (July 27, 2018) -- On April 1, 2019, single-family utility customers will move from the current flat-rate-per-parcel stormwater fee to a more equitable tiered-rate system. The tiered-rate system is based on the square footage of a property’s impervious surfaces. Once the tiered-rate system goes into effect, single-family residential utility customers will see either an increase or a decrease to the monthly stormwater charges, depending on their property’s impervious surface assessment.

The reason for moving from a flat rate system to a tiered rate system is to provide residential customers with a more equitable distribution of monthly stormwater charges. More information about the tiered rate system will be released in the coming months as we get closer to its implementation

For now, we've compiled a list of some of the most asked questions -- and answers -- as City staffers and consultants prepare for the changeover.  This should provide some background and context for why and how the program will work.

Stormwater Tiered Rate System FAQs


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