Takamatsu Honors St. Pete for Sister City 60th Anniversary

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St. Petersburg and Takamatsu, Japan are celebrating sixty years as Sister Cities. Artists in Takamatsu recently completed a mural in honor of  the 60th Anniversary which includes a logo designed by the City of St. Petersburg Marketing Department.

Daisuke Iguchi, a native of Takamatsu, was chosen to design the mural. He is a muralist who specializes in using spray paint to create fantasy landscapes. In 2019 he was crowned the champion of the Japanese Spray Art Competition. This was a timed tournament style competition which was televised. Each contestant was given a theme, such as an animal, a cityscape or an awe inspiring landscape and then had three minutes to complete their work. Daisuke has created murals in Takamatsu, offers workshops and in 2019 participated in the Setouchi Trienne.  He is sponsored by Rock Paint Company Ltd, a major Japanese company that specializes in spray paint and painting supplies.

Takumatsu Artist

The mural is near the fishing port in the Takamatsu City Central Wholesale Market, which specializes in seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. Within the market there are retail shops and restaurants. Visitors can see a live auction and participate in games such as “name that vegetable.” As people everywhere love to take selfies, many photos are being taken in front of the mural and many people are learning about the Sunshine City.

Takumatsu Mural

St. Petersburg has a Takamatsu inspired mural on the City of St. Petersburg Municipal Services Building. It was painted by “student ambassadors” who were sponsored by the City of St. Petersburg and stayed with families in Takamatsu for several weeks.   

St. Pete Takumatsu Mural

Kathy Michaels
Chair, St. Petersburg/Takamatsu 60th Anniversary Task Force