City of St. Petersburg Holds Public Meeting for First Community Benefits Agreement Development Project: 800 1st Ave. S.

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Earlier this year, the City of St. Petersburg announced the launch of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) program, a process that considers the social and community impact of major development plans receiving significant public funding.

The first project of the CBA program is located on a 4.59-acre site at 800 1st Ave. South in downtown St. Pete, which is proposed to be developed by the TPA Group in conjunction with Moffitt Cancer Center along with UPC Insurance.

The proposal called for the development of a mixed-use project that would include a state-of-the-art outpatient cancer care facility, a mixed-use modern multi-family residential tower with a workforce housing component, activated ground floor retail, a public-access parking garage, a future hotel, and future office development for the expansion of the UPC Insurance headquarters.

Interested residents are invited to attend an in-person public meeting where the TPA Group will present a project overview on Friday, May 13 at 5 p.m. at The Sunshine Center (330 5th St. N.). The purpose of this meeting is to engage in a conversation between the community and the developer to shape benefits from the project that meet community needs.

For more information about the Community Benefits Agreement program, visit