Check Before You Go

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St. Pete's recreational water sites are monitored frequently, some sites weekly, with the goal of maintaining safe water for the health of the local environment and the people who enjoy it.

Before heading to the water, check the latest testing results at

Here's how you can help our local water quality:

  • Properly dispose of yard waste - gather yard waste and put in your compost or bag it and dispose of it in the trash, or take it to one of the city's brush sites -
  • Always pick up your dog's waste - the bacteria found in dog waste can be harmful if it makes its way to local waterways
  • Adhere to St. Pete's yearly fertilizer ban that runs June 1 to September 30 - more at
  • Only use your sprinklers when necessary and never when it’s raining
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash or over grass/gravel if you must wash it at home