New Childs Park Wastewater Lift Station Is Operational for Rainy Season

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New Childs Park Wastewater Lift Station Is Operational for Rainy Season

St. Petersburg, FL (June 30, 2022) - The City of St. Petersburg has successfully met the May 23, 2022, deadline under the Florida Department of Environment Protection Consent Order No. 16-1280 for substantial completion of a new lift station to address wet weather overflows from the City’s wastewater system.

“As we enter into Florida’s rainy season, we’re pleased to have Lift Station 87 ready to efficiently move wastewater through the system and protect our communities and the environment from wastewater overflows,” said John Palenchar, Director of the Water Resources Department.

The new Lift Station 87 on 43rd Street South near the Pinellas Trail and the new wastewater pipeline that connects it to the Pasadena Master Pump Station on Park Circle South are operational. If a heavy rain event were to occur, the new wastewater lift station is able to send wastewater flows to the City’s Northwest and Southwest water reclamation facilities as intended.

The housing for the lift station, a 12-foot-tall acoustical enclosure, was built in early June and is ready for a base coat of paint. In July, a local artist will paint a mural reflective of the community on the building’s exterior. Once the mural is complete, the contractor will landscape the lift station according to a landscaping plan the Childs Park neighborhood helped assemble.

The contractor’s crews are currently replacing manholes and portions of the gravity sewer along 43rd Street South. Crews are also restoring 1st Avenue South, replacing curb, sidewalks and driveways that were disturbed, and paving the road. Afterward, they will move to 43rd Street South for restoration. With the exception of landscaping around the lift station, the contractor will complete the project by the end of July.

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