Utility Rates To Be Evaluated

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Utility Rates To Be Evaluated

St. Petersburg, FL (July 8, 2022) – City of St. Petersburg utility rates and charges are evaluated on a yearly basis and are updated annually per City Council adoption. Over the next few months, St. Petersburg City Council will consider adjustments to water, wastewater, reclaimed water, stormwater and sanitation utility rates and charges for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1, 2022. Final adoption will be voted on at a Public Hearing scheduled for September 8, 2022.

Utility fees support the continued efforts to enhance the reliability of the city’s drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed water, stormwater and sanitation utilities. Fees also support the operations, maintenance and infrastructure of those utilities to meet the current and future needs of our community. Revenues from utility fees are directly tied to the costs of the specific utility they support. For example, stormwater fees directly support functions that assist with planning, operations and maintenance of the stormwater system, which helps mitigate flooding, enhance water quality and minimize the environmental impact of stormwater pollution.

Utility fees are vitally important in supporting St. Pete’s aging infrastructure, most of which has reached or exceeded its design lifespan. The City is currently working on existing projects within St. Pete’s Water Plan, a multi-year capital improvements master plan, and continues to work on other master plans to make improvements and plan for the future. More about the Plan can be found at stpete.org/WaterPlan.

To maintain and preserve our infrastructure, continued investment is required. Utility fees will continue to be evaluated every year to support the continued investment in these capital infrastructure projects, as well as overall operations and maintenance to ensure safe, reliable service. 

City Council will conduct a First Reading on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022 to formally set the date for the Public Hearing. The presentation on the rates and consideration of the proposed utility rates for final adoption will be at the Public Hearing on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022. 

First Reading
Aug. 18, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.
City Hall
175 5th St. N.

Public Hearing
Sept. 8, 2022 at 5:01 p.m.
City Hall
175 5th St. N.

The proposed rate adjustments and updates will be available on stpete.org/rates. If approved, any utility rate changes will take effect on Oct. 1, 2022 and will be noted in utility bills.

Of utmost importance to the City of St. Petersburg is affordability and assistance for utility customers. Extended payment arrangements are available for customers that are having trouble paying their utility bill, allowing customers to pay their current monthly bill along with a series of 6 monthly installments on their outstanding balance. Customers are encouraged to make payment arrangements by calling the Utility Customer Service Call Center at 727-893-7341 or emailing Utility.Bill@stpete.org as soon as possible to avoid associated fees or termination of service. The Utility Customer Service Call Center is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Eligible homeowners who are currently unemployed or underemployed as a result of COVID-19 and have fallen past due with mortgage or utility expenses and/or are in jeopardy of future payment delinquency due to lost or diminished income may be eligible for assistance with mortgage and utility payments. More at stpete.org/MortgageAssistance.

Additional assistance resources can be found at 211tampabay.org or by calling 211.

Conserving water use is a great way for utility customers to save money on their utility bill. Programs, rebates and resources can be found at stpete.org/WaterConservation.

Updates and more information can be found at stpete.org/rates. Questions can be directed to 727-893-7280.