Washington Terrace Pump Station to be Temporarily Shut Down

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St. Petersburg, FL (Aug. 21, 2020) – On Wednesday, Aug. 26, the City of St. Petersburg, in coordination with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, plans to temporarily shut down the Washington Terrace Pump Station for the day for testing. Initiation of the plan will be dependent on storm activity in the Gulf. The Washington Terrace Pump Station requires routine valve maintenance and this is the first of multiple planned shutdowns at the pump station.

The Washington Terrace Pump Station is one of two pump stations that distribute St. Pete’s potable (drinking) water supply to all corners of the city.  

During the planned shutdown, the pumping capacity of the City will be temporarily reduced, so water flow and pressure may be in flux. Impacts to water customers should be minimal, but there is a chance that sediment may get stirred up, leading to cloudy-looking water. This should not be harmful. If cloudy water is observed, customers are advised to flush their lines by turning on the water and letting it run for several seconds, with faucet screens removed.

Depending on the success of the test the City may need to temporarily shut down the pump station at a later date to perform the valve maintenance. Notification will be provided when future shutdowns are scheduled.

The City apologizes for the inconvenience and appreciates your cooperation and patience as we work to improve St. Pete’s infrastructure. The Aug. 26 shutdown may be postponed due to weather.

Any questions or concerns, call the 24-Hour Water Resources Dispatch Line at 727-893-7261.