Tornado Debris Pickup

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Tornado Debris Pickup

For debris from the tornado on December 15, 2022 - place debris in your trash can if it fits with the lid closed. Large vegetative debris will be picked up from the curb by the City, no charge.

Debris being picked up:

  • Green vegetative debris:
    • Plants
    • Leaves (do not put in bags)
    • Logs
    • Tree branches
  • Fence panels - separate from vegetative debris


Do not stack or lean debris. Do not place debris near trees, poles, fire hydrants, meters or any structure.

Fence panels should be separate from vegetative debris.

Place debris between the sidewalk and the curb. Any debris placed from the sidewalk towards your property will not be picked up. If you don't have a sidewalk, ditch or utility line in front of your property, place debris at the edge of your property before the curb.

How to Request Debris Removal