More Housing Options Now Available in St. Pete

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More Housing Options Now Available in St. Petersburg with Newly Approved Zoning Changes

March 23, 2023 – In a 7 to 1 vote, the St. Petersburg City Council has approved new zoning rules to create more density for eligible communities and property owners. This new opportunity gives eligible property owners the option to convert their home into or build up to four (4) residences on a typical sized single-family lot. The two new ordinances for qualified properties now classified as NTM-1 (Neighborhood Traditional Mixed Residential) are effective immediately. The rezoning affects 2895 properties in the core sections of the city.

"We are growing exponentially with more and more people moving to St. Petersburg, and while we cannot create more land for housing, we can carefully and strategically create more density with existing single-family homes," said St. Pete Mayor Kenneth T. Welch. “Equitable Development and Housing Opportunities for ALL support the foundation of our mission, and we were thoughtful in our approach to ensure we mitigated any negative impacts to the neighborhood’s aesthetics and livability.”

The converted home’s exterior will resemble the character of the community since it can be no larger than what is currently allowed for a traditional home with a maximum height of 24 feet and maximum width of 40 feet. The lot size and development will dictate the numerous options for expansion, including an accessory dwelling unit or garage apartment, duplex, triplex, or fourplex. 

All eligible properties are also within 175 feet of “future major streets” or heavily traveled roads and must have access to an alley for parking. Property owners must also meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of one (1) parking space per unit
  • Designated extra space for garbage pickup and containers for three (3) or more units
  • Alley must be paved across the entire surface width from the property to the closest street for three (3) or more units.

St. Petersburg City Council Chair Brandi Gabbard supported the zoning change and reflected on the long process that ultimately led to this successful conclusion.

“While I know this is not an immediate fix to the housing crisis we are in the midst of, it is a start,” Chair Gabbard said. “Every time we move the needle toward increasing our housing supply, we create spaces where residents can thrive and grow within our unique and special neighborhoods. There are many safeguards in this proposal that will ensure our neighborhoods remain intact while managing growth in a responsible way. I am thankful for the staff, fellow council members, and residents who weighed in on the proposal. Diversity of thought and opinion is what makes St. Petersburg the inclusive place it is and I am proud of the work that has led us to this place.” 

The increasing demand for “missing middle” housing is pushing cities and counties nationwide to rethink solutions for first-time home buyers, smaller families, couples, retirees aging in place, adults with disabilities, car-free households, and many others. This recently approved housing initiative will better position those families to find a new place to call home in the City of St. Petersburg.

For an in-depth look at the NTM-1 Zoning map showing all eligible properties, along with the newly approved zoning rules and criteria, please visit the following link: